modern day Romeo and Juliet

Yeah baby!!!!!!!!Get ready to see comic con 2014 through my eyes with @vanityfair and #thevampirediaries. @iansomerhalder takeover. #sdcc Go go go! RETWEET! REPOST- lets do this! Love, Ian

"It’s my first time here. I wanted to come to - you know you don’t go to Comic Con without going down on the floor and seeing it all, and so the way I came up with doing that was Spider-Man." - Daniel Radcliffe at the 2014 SDCC

Ian Somerhalder - Press Room Comic Con 2014 


Spoof video featuring Kat and Ian. Kat: What just happened? Did we just get written off?”


Ian: I’ve been killed off a TV show before and this is not how they do”


Ian and Kat just walked out on stage, hand in hand, to huge applause.”